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DSL Radio Recorder is an application that allows you to access more than 5000 online radio stations from all over the world. If one of your favorite stations is not listed, you can add it as long as you have the URL and the type of streaming it uses.

To tune into the stations, it is first necessary to have the appropriate audio codecs installed: Real Player, Windows Media Audio, and MP3. Then you can open whatever station you like with a single click.

Another interesting feature is its ability to record, allowing you to save five or more stations to your hard drive simultaneously. You can also set a limit on the size of the resulting file, schedule your computer to shutdown at a specific time, and set the MP3 compression ratio. The application is also capable of playing one station while recording others to your hard drive.

Finally, DSL Radio Recorder has a comfortable interface that allows you to locate the files on your hard drive more easily.

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